We photographed the new Charlotte School of Law building in uptown Charlotte, here’s our favorite image:

New Charlotte School of Law library in uptown Charlotte.


The Foundation for the Carolina’s annual report had us photograph a few Charlotte elite. By the way, we should note that this was photographed on a cloudy day (sky replaced in post-production) and had them leaning on an ugly table (nice pedestal added via CGI):

Michael Mariscano, CEO of Foundation for the Carolinas
Catherine Bassant, Global Technology and Operations Executive, Bank of America
Chris Kearney, Chairman, President, CEO, SPX Corporation

Charlotte executives photographed for annual report photography.

New advertising photography for Huber Engineered Woods.


New advertising imagery for Huber Engineered Woods:

This image started from a photo Sean took in Washington, DC, then Peter tweaked it and cleaned it up via CGI.

UNCC’s Belk College of Business hired us to shoot new portraits at their uptown Charlotte campus:

UNCC's Belk School of Business photography in uptown.

The City of Charlotte hired us to shoot residential buildings close to the commercial buildings of uptown:

Residential buildings near the Charlotte Center City.

We’re excited to announce that Sean has created a one-of-a-kind project called Moment Mile, which seeks to bring out nearly 150 photographers onto Tryon Street in uptown Charlotte in order to snap a simultaneous photo that captures a 1.2-mile stretch of our urban core! We are looking for photographers to sign up for the momentous event, which has been created by Sean in order to bring attention to the grand re-opening of The Light Factory, a museum in Charlotte dedicated to photography and film. Learn more and sign up for this unique event at momentmile.com.

Announcing Moment Mile to Charlotte photographers.

Behind-the-Scenes of IMAGINE 2025

Here is the behind-the-scenes video of the Arts & Science Council project called Imagine 2025:

The Arts and Science Council commissioned our team to create three dynamic images to represent art, science and history in the year 2025. Basically, they wanted to see a life filled with wonder, amazement, learning and excitement. The images were released during a TEDx-style event all about the arts. We are honored that ASC would hire us to create envision this future. Check them out, plus a behind-the-scenes video of our team in action:

Arts & Science Council - Imagine 2025 #2

Arts & Science Council - Imagine 2025 #1

Arts & Science Council - Imagine 2025 #3


New Portfolio Work for Corbis!

New photo for photography portfolio. Last tree standing - a new photo for our portfolio.

Can You Figure Out the Puzzle?

The Arts & Science Council is using social media to build momentum for the September 23rd event called Imagine 2025: Share the Vision, a day-long event about the arts in Charlotte and a release of the 2025 Vision Plan for the ASC. Our team was commissioned to make three dynamite images to represent the future of arts in Charlotte, NC and we look forward to their release/exhibition at this event. These puzzle piece CGI images were created to send out in various social media posts to build excitement and intrigue. Take a look and start piecing together what these images will look like in their entirety.

Purchase tickets to the event here: http://www.carolinatix.org/events/detail/imagine-2025-share-the-vision-1





logo for City Block Project 2014 in Charlotte, NC

Every year Sean throws a community-based photo contest on behalf of The Light Factory called City Block Project. Each year a new block is chosen and for 24-hours photographers shoot the block in every way imaginable – the people, the action, the architecture and more. This year’s block was BB&T Ballpark, the new home of the Charlotte Knights, the AAA baseball team now in uptown Charlotte, NC. The event had 35 photographers submit 135 entries. The winners are chosen by the participants – for each one submission a person makes they get two votes and can vote for anyone but themselves. Below are the photos from the winners, some shots from the unveiling party and the announcement at BB&T Ballpark.

To see all the photos submitted to the 2014 project visit this link: http://submissions.cityblockproject.com/voting/2014/

1st Place: Rick Belden

City Block Project - 1st Place Winner


2nd Place (tie): Matt Connolly

2nd Place Tie - Matt Connolly 09

2nd Place (tie): Matt Connolly

2nd Place Tie - Matt Connolly 11

4th Place: Matt Connolly

4th Place - Matt Connolly 08

Student Winner: Lucky Prachitch

Student Winner - Lucky Prachitch

Student Winner: Megan McRae

Student Winner Tie - Megan McRae

Here are a few shots of the winners at the unveiling party:

City Block Project - Unveiling Party 1

City Block Project - Unveiling Party 2

City Block Project - Unveiling Party 4

And here is a video of the announcement at BB&T Ballpark (apologies on the low audio):

Photographing the Police

I have run-ins with cops and security guards while photographing all the time. Often I’m told I’m not allowed to be doing what I’m doing, even though I have every right in my favor. Because I am usually unafraid of confrontation, I challenge these people. I have yet to lose (except for those times when I’m on private property and am simply playing dumb). While shooting one of Bank of America’s buildings I had a cop try to lie to me to get me to go away (he was being paid off-duty to guard the front of the Bank of America corporate headquarters while in uniform), but when I pointed out all the right in my favor he responded, “Yeah, you’re probably right, I don’t work uptown much and don’t really know the rules.” Urgh! Anyway, because of all of the police v. people protesting happening in Ferguson lately Wired did an article about police arresting journalists for doing their constitutionally-protected jobs. Urgh again! Anyway, check out the article, it’s good….


P.S. I appreciate cops most of the time.

For ASC’s upcoming IMAGINE 2025 event we created this mosaic from selfies submitted by their followers:

Mosaic photo for arts and science council's Imagine 2025 event.

Rain Storm!

New sheathing product CGI for Huber Engineered Woods.

Huber Engineered Woods hired us to create this image of their sheathing product for an upcoming ad.