New Video for Pamlico Captial

We worked with Studiobanks to create photography and video for the new Pamlico Capital website, which is super-cool and cutting edge HTML 5 programming.  Check out all our great work, including the huge homepage video, here:

Here are some of the best photos from the shoot:

Studiobanks hired Charlotte photography team Sean Busher and Peter Godshall to create photos and video for the new website. Corporate and business photography is a specialty of the Charlotte photographers, who also specialize in CGI photography and advertising/commercial imagery.

Charlotte photography team Sean Busher Imagery created this corporate photo for the new Pamlico Capital website that launch this week.

Photography Charlotte NC is a specialty of this image-making team led by Sean Busher. This project was for Studiobanks and Pamlico Capital, who needed corporate photography for their new website.

Photography Charlotte NC by video and photo team Sean Busher Imagery.

CGI and 3D photography by Sean Busher and team is executed on a regular basis by this dynamic Charlotte photography company.

Charlotte photography is the reason we're in business - we create great imagery and meet our deadlines on time!

3D artist Peter Godshall works with Sean Busher Imagery to create great art and commercial imagery.