Thanks to all the Charlotte photographers that participated in the 2013 City Block Project featuring Plaza Midwood. As usual, the artwork was fabulous and the winning entries were deserving. For those that don’t know, the City Block Project is a 24-hour photo contest where photographers rub elbows with each other to capture the best image. As long as the image shows something within the block (it changes each year) then it can be submitted, and any retouching or special effects are allowed. For each entry submitted, a participant gets two votes towards the winner, and they can vote for anybody but themselves – truly a jury of your peers!

Here are the winning entries:

1st place – James Dancy

1st Place - CBP 034 - James Dancy

2nd place – David Huff

2nd Place - CBP 031 - David Huff

3rd Place – Tie – Steve Smith

Tied 3rd Place - CBP 070 - Steve Smith

3rd Place – Tie – Tim Henderson

Tied 3rd Place - CBP 077 - Tim Henderson

5th Place – Tie – Joel Lassiter

Tied 5th Place - CBP 041 - Joel Lassiter

5th Place – Tie – Nick Macek

Tied 5th Place - CBP 057 - Nick Macek


A special thanks to Gallery Twenty-Two for hosting the Winner Reveal Party and for displaying the winners in the gallery for a couple weeks following the party.


The past locations for City Block Project were:
2010 – EpiCentre
2011 – NASCAR Hall of Fame
2012 – NC Music Factory
2013 – Plaza Midwood
2014 – Look for an announcement in Spring of next year. The project usually takes place in late April or May.

To learn more about the project visit This project is hosted by Paparazzi, the affiliates group of The Light Factory and was created by Charlotte photographer Sean Busher. To learn more about becoming a part of other fun projects or educational and exhibit opportunities visit