Thanks to all the great Charlotte photographers that braved the rain and participated in the 2013 City Block Project featuring Plaza Midwood.  As usual, The Light Factory Paparazzi team has been amazed at all the great imagery.  For those that don’t know, the project takes place over 24-hours at a designated block each year somewhere around Charlotte, NC.  The participants are allowed to retouch and manipulate their images however they see fit, and the submit them to the contest for a low fee that acts as a fundraiser for The Light Factory.  Best of all, the participants get to vote on the winners themselves.  For each one entry made to the contest, you get two votes.  Check out all the great work here:


Join us for the reveal tonight, here are the details:

Light Factory Paparazzi’s 2013 City Block Project winner reveal:

Tonight!  Thursday, May 9th

Gallery Twenty-Two

1500 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC 20205