Clear the Sidewalks!!

We’ve just completed this new campaign for the City of Charlotte.  We are excited to see this project get launched, but unfortunately, it has a rather sad backstory.  Recently a boy was struck and killed by a car when he swerved into the street to avoid garbage bins that were left in the middle of the sidewalk.  This campaign was created as a public service announcement to keep the sidewalks clear.  Hopefully we’re saving lives with our work because we certainly don’t want to ever hear of that happening again.  Look for these images to be popping up around Charlotte the next few months.


sidewalk 2nd blog


As usual, this project was enhanced by CGI.  That’s because we wanted our background to show a nice summer day, but we were creating this project in January.  So, CGI to the rescue!  Here is the untextured CGI scene that Peter (our fearless Imaging Director) created for this campaign.