Award-Winning CGI

No, we didn’t win any awards with this fairly simple CGI project, but this image is about the awards our customer, Huber Engineered Woods, has won for their Zip System line of products. Thanks to the ad agency Wray Ward for working with us on this image.

This CGI photo shows a trophy made out of Zip System products.

On May 29-30 The Light Factory will be bringing back to life it’s famed ShootOut, which has a slew of great photographers working side-by-side to capture portraits of those who sign up. The cost is low and all funds go to support The Light Factory, for which Sean serves on the board. Today the Charlotte Observer ran an article featuring the photographers, which included this great photo of Sean (which had to be altered later in order to be published!). Sign up for my time slots, which will be on Saturday, May 30th (which is NOT Memorial Day weekend, by the way) here:

Here’s the story:

This is a photo Sean took of himself for the Charlotte Observer.

Huber Engineered Woods hired us once again, this time to highlight their Zip System R-Sheathing for extreme insulation from the weather. This is all CGI, folks – beautiful, eh?!

architecture and product photography using cgi

And here it is in the ad:

Ad placement for Huber project.

Read This Book By The Cover!

We continue to work with our friend Vani Hari, aka The Food Babe, on her various photo and video needs. We’re so happy that her book, The Food Babe Way, is now a NY Times Bestseller! Our photo graces the cover of this book, and we’re so pleased to be a part of her mission to better our world’s food supply.

book cover of The Food Babe Way

A Quickie for Continental Tire

Continental Tire needed a couple photos of various vehicles for some new websites they are building. Instead of having to create a whole production to photograph these vehicles, we were able to start with stock 3D to quickly and affordably render these images with the color, style, license plates, tires, angles, etc of our client’s choosing. No photo shoot necessary on this one – we had finished products to the client in the same amount of time it takes just to rent these cars. Yay CGI!

This image shows three vehicles our team rendered using stock CGI.

Stock 3D was used to perfect the right look for our advertising clients.

CGI for Continental Tire

We’ve completed new CGI photos for Continental Tire, this time the images focus on a pressure sensor built into their commercial tires.

This shows a tractor trailer rig using Continental Tire's pressure sensor.

This shows a close-up of the 3D photo pressure sensor.
This 3D photo shows a closeup of the pressure sensor inside a tire.

I Froze My A$* Off For This Shot!

Our client (and serial entrepreneur) Jim Donnelly is introducing health clubs across the country to CryoTherapy, a chamber that uses liquid hydrogen to cool the body to the point that it thinks it’s about to die. Sounds crazy, right? Well apparently a whole series of metabolic activities happen within the body that help with damaged tissue, reduce inflammation, increase cellular metabolism and much more. It’s like taking an ice bath, except it’s dry. It’s a health craze that you’ll hear about soon if you haven’t already. Here are a couple of the images we created for the rollout of these machines…

Full body shot of someone in a cryotherapy chamber.


Portrait photography of woman experiencing cryotherapy.


National Gypsum came to us with the concept of showing how buildings come to life – starting from the initial concept sketch, through the construction process, and then showcasing the finished structure. We used a combination of 3D imagery, illustration and photo compositing to produce the visuals below.  These will be printed in a new book about National Gypsum’s product lineup.


This is the National Gypsum logo.





3D rendering of condo structure built with National Gypsum products.

This image show a building in the desert that we altered for this 3D project.

The classroom shown here shows us taking a stock photo and altering it to look like an architectural drawing.

The hospital scene was changed to show the National Gypsum product CGI revealed.

This locker room changed quite a bit as we revealed the product underneath the wall.

This gym was actually photographed by Sean.

P. Schneider, a fellow Charlotte photographer, captured some of this image before we enhanced it.


We Celebrates Les Paul’s 100th

Our CGI team just invested in the newest edition of the 3D software MODO and was chomping at the bit to test some of the new features. Peter Godshall, our digital team’s leader and a major music buff, decided to pay tribute to Les Paul (on what would have been his centennial birth year) by creating a CGI version of his favorite guitar.

This is a CGI photo of a les Paul guitar.

Another close-up of a Les Paul guitar.
These are the strings of our CGI photography.
The bridge of this guitar was created by our 3D software.
This is the final shot in our series of CGI renders of a guitar.

New Panoramas

We completed a series of panoramas for Charlotte Center City Partner’s 2015 State of the Center City. Here are a few of our favorite shots:

Bearden Park in Charlotte's uptown.

A silhouette of Charlotte's growing skyline.

A light rail stop in South End.

A South End sign that almost caused my truck to flip in order to capture it.

A view from the Bank of America One building.